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Thank you for visiting the Virtual People's Choice Festival!!

After 27 years, a Global Pandemic can't stop the People's Choice Festival from supporting our Artisan Community!

Please fully experience the Virtual People's Choice Festival to enjoy all the arts and crafts that are always at the Festival! Below are various slideshows of the Festival to see our Artisans and Vendors that you can shop with! Please click on different pages where you will find all sorts of goodies and live events.  One page you will find rockin' musicians, on another you will be able to Meet the Artists, and on another you'll be able to attend a live Q&A with the artists!

Directions to Navigate this Virtual Experience: Please move your cursor over the slideshows found below. You can click on the arrows to get a preview of the different booths or you can click on the pictures and be directed to those artist's booths!  If you would not like to interact with the slideshows you may click on the Artisans tab above.  Please have fun and thank you for participating in the People's Choice Festival!  Bookmark this site so you have easy access to all of your favorite Artists!

If any errors occur or if you run into any difficulties on the site, please contact us using the CONTACT Page.

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